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How It Works

automated facial expression recognition and analysis

Why does Emotional Analysis matter?

Don’t you want to know what your audience really thinks about your video content?

Our EmotionTrac software empowers you with measurable insights you are missing with traditional metrics. Our AI powered insights allow you to validate, revise and perfect your video messaging.

EmotionTrac analyzes facial expressions in real-time, second-by-second, capturing true emotions simply using a front-facing camera while viewers watch any video content.

emotional analysis
test video with AI


track engagement


measure emotion


emotion detection ai


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Integrated platform with a content management system, dashboard and mobile app for each video test.

EmotionTrac Features

virtual focus groups
Virtual Focus Groups

Test ANYWHERE. Eliminate the cost and issues of gathering panel audiences. Our platform allows you to capture data virtually anywhere test viewers are located. All that is needed are their mobile devices and an internet connection.

emotion insights
Emotion Insights are 3 Minutes Away

Quick & efficient. That’s how we designed our platform. Publishing tests takes less than 3 minutes with a simple and intuitive setup process.

emotional ai
AI Driven Technology

Our platform leverages machine learning, propriety algorithms, and AI to accurately validate the emotions evoked from video campaigns.

remotely test digital content
A Platform That Works WITH YOU

Turn-key self-service platform that can easily be integrated into any workflow to deliver the freedom to run as many video tests as often and whenever you decide.

ad testing
Seriously Cost-Effective

A fraction of the cost of focus groups, with much better actionable results you get in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Tracking Responses to Video Content
Stop Losing Money & Get Your Messaging Right, THE FIRST TIME

It’s costly to get your content wrong. EmotionTrac prevents losing valuable investment when your messaging misses the mark. Know what resonates with your audience.

Validate Your Message

Schedule your free demo and we’ll walk you through preparing and publishing your test as well as the audience experience.

Client Testimonials

You Are Awesome

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    Maya Parkoff
    (Video Director at Farhi Media)

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    Antonio Choice
    (Managing Partner/CEO)


    Our firm utilized EmotionTrac to gauge an intro commercial of a new show airing on The response from the test was amazing! The data provided in depth measurements based on the viewers real time engagement, broken down into age segments and demographics and detailed analytics showing progression and regression data segments based on interest of our campaign at a certain time marker. Our client was pleased with the outcome and clarity provided on the intro commercial would perform in the marketplace. This is a great tool for agencies, marketing companies and content curators to utilize before spending budgets putting your product into the marketplace. EmotionTrac will now become an intricate part of our marketing and advertising solutions.

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    Rolan Reichel
    (CEO, Custom Social)


    Incredible insights! Really helped identify areas of improvement for one of our top ecommerce clients. They experienced a significant increase on CTR based on the optimization gleaned from the audience emotional responses. It was so FAST getting the actionable intelligence. Not even to mention the EXTREMELY reasonable cost compared to traditional focus group testing. The process was so easy, and results were delivered quickly. Attention all eCommerce companies creating video ads… You better run it through this software first!

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    Jacob Edenfield
    (Associate Creative Director)


    Once upon a time, it took $50K, an outside research firm and a month’s lead time to give my client meaningful qualitative feedback on a video. I don’t miss those days. EmotionTrac was efficient, simple to use and crystal clear in its depiction of what the test audience was experiencing at every second of the spot. If you don’t realize how valuable that is, you clearly never had to do it the old-fashioned way.

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    Ed McCormack
    (Vice President of Commercial Operations and Strategy)


    I was blown away by this study. The insights delivered improved ratings for a major client during their live event.

Leverage What EmotionTrac Can Do

Understand Emotion, understand
Connection, understand your Audience


Understand consumer appeal, engagement, attention and which sentiments are impacted most strongly by the message.

Film & TV

Understand reactions to content in terms of appeal, emotional engagement and interest to further inform development and optimize audience interest.

Ad Agencies/Creative

Measure messaging in real time for appeal, responsiveness, and emotional sentiment to inform development and maximize media spend.


Ensure your messaging is on point with your target. Will your video resonate with voters? Identify which moments in the video may need optimizing.

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